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Get one step closer to the inbox of your dreams in 5 minutes – all while using your existing GMail.

How it Works

Keyboxes & Search

Keyboxes allow you to organize your email by contact, group, topic – anything you'd like it. They also include individual views for attachments and Calendar invites.

Inside each Keybox, our optimized Search mechanism allows you to quickly find out you need by sorting through contact, attachment, and date.

Inbox Zero

Regain the power over your inbox. Quickly get down to Inbox Zero and mark as "read" anything that doesn't matter anymore.

Easy Unsubscribe

No judgments here - we've all signed up for random newsletters to score an extra discount...only to then dread our inbox in the months after.

Our Easy Unsubscribe now allows you to unsubscribe from any communication that no longer serves you, with the click of a button.

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Our beta version is expected to launch Fall 2022.
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